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The main advantages of Mobchannel for users is getting
only useful information without any search on internet.

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About Channel

News Channel

By selecting the categories only you are interested in you will be informed about news happening in your area. This channel has 10 common categories and special categories that inform you about the events occur in the region.

Interest Channel

By following the categories matching your interest you'll get updates and useful information. There are 18 categories in this channel

Cinema Channel

Do you like to watch movies? Do you want to be aware of your favorite genre of films in cinemas first? Then this channel is for you. Choose your favorite film genres amoung the 19 categories and get informed first about the news.

Events Channel

Choose the categories which let you follow information about the events around you. There are 8 categories in the Event channel.

Discount Channel

Do you like shopping? And to take advantage of special promotions? Excellent opportunity to those who likes to get information about the distounts of shopping centers. Follow the channel and have the benefit of special offers.
There are 20 categories in Discounts Channel.

Brands Channel

Special channel for those seeking to obtain information about their lovely brands. Choose your favorite brands and get special offers & information.

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